LPS-A001GYSC Knife

LPS-A001GYSC Knife

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A dynamic and trendy business connected to the 2.0 generation - at your service, at all times. The Web version of Surplus Militaire Napierville - a renowned family business for more than 30 years.

For clothing and equipment, paint-ball, airsoft, outdoor survival accessories, work or Army Cadets clothing; or even for farmers needs in raincoats, boots, aprons, etc. our selection goes beyond any competition’s.

A vast array of knives, pocket knives, tactical vests, hats, military bags, backpacks, wool socks, cargo pants, Big Al work clothing, CSA approved boots, security guard and law enforcement equipment and much more in terms of accessories and equipment. Large inventory of top range and accessible-to-all knives.

Located on the south shore of Montreal, near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the United-States border, this specialized store has everything for every season.

Unbeatable prices. Unbeatable value. Welcome to all.

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